Summer is approaching and so is the desire for outdoor grilling. The classic tris -ribs, sausages, bacon-, a beautiful Florentine steak, some particular cut of meat, or even grilled prawns, cuttlefish or a tasty sea bass with vegetables! And polenta,… that for us Venetians can never miss!

The offers of the restaurants are many, but the satisfaction of cooking it on your own, after carefully choosing the raw material … overcomes all effort!

But not everyone has a garden or a large terrace. Shall we give up? Far be it!

The solution is called Lotus Grill, it comes from Germany, and it has been a great success all over the world. Why is that? Because it is a charcoal grill that ensures the flavor of the barbecue, but very easy to use, safe and clean. You can lay it on the table where you have lunches (then even inside your home) or on a windowsill. We used it on the boat with some friends and for some years we have been grilling in the middle of the woods, because it is very safe and nothing outside comes into contact with the fire.

The embers are ready in a few minutes (and when I say very few, I mean 5 at most), it is easy to use (anyone can really succeed) and – above all – you cook almost completely without smoke.

The Lotus Grill is available in different sizes and various cheerful colors, with some fantastic accessories to make your barbecue easy and pleasant. There are 4 models, starting from the smallest, size S, for 4 people; the Classic for 6 people; with the XL cooked for 10 and with the XXL, also equipped with its trolley… space for imagination and guests!

I have the Classic and I had a great time. When I use it in the house, I support it above the engine of the air conditioner in the small terrace of the kitchen or on the windowsill.

Another great thing, when you finish using it, everything ends up in the dishwasher! To make it work, 4 stylus batteries, a special liquid and simple charcoal are sufficient. I have used charcoal of all kinds, but I have to say that the one dedicated to Lotus works better. Both from the point of view of heat and reduced smoke.

Finally… the cost. It is not cheap, it is not expensive either. We could say that its simplicity and functionality really make it a pleasant object to use even every day. Prices start from about 130.00 euros for the smaller model, to about 360 of the XXL (on the main online sites but also from the shopkeepers. Prices may vary a bit but not by much). A jar of liquid (which lasts for 10 grills costs about 7 euros and a specific charcoal pack from 2.5 kg from 15 to 20 euros).

No LOTUS? No Barbecue!

Good grills to all!