If you ask me which is the place I love the most after my home, the answer is: il CIVETTAIO.

To explain the reason it is necessary to appeal to all five senses, because in this place each of them finds complete satisfaction.

The structure -which is a farmhouse and agricultural enterprise where they produce wine, oil and honey- rises on top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards, maritime pines and centuries-old olive trees. The view is extended, on the horizon that changes color with the rhythm of seasons. A panorama dazzled by a blinding and shiny sun in the summer or embraced by the soporific greyness of the winter, when the pleasures of sight are substituted by the odors of the cellar.

The apartments are spacious, furnished with care, never banal. The outside spaces are wonderful. For the cocktail hour during a sunset, a dinner or a lunch. And even when it is cold, you will rather put on a sweater than stop enjoying all the beauty your eyes can absorb. In the summer period, if you don’t feel like cooking, lady Luciana offers genuine dishes typical of the area, created with wisdom and love.

Il CIVETTAIO is a place of peace and silence, of colors and flavors, to be experienced alone or in company, with family, with friends, on the wonderful poolside in the summer or embraced by the warmth of the fireplace in the winter.

Il CIVETTAIO is a place where I find myself again, when my overly hectic life makes me lose my way. Where I gather my thoughts, get my energy back and restore the inner peace that is needed for new projects and challenges.

You will able to devote yourself to long walks in the woods, to the collection of cyclamen, wild asparagus, fields greens, sometimes crossing paths with a land turtle, a hare, a roe deer.

The Tuscan Maremma land surrounds you, from hills to sea, offering historical landmarks, perched villages, natural baths, sea and pinewoods, without a single minute of boredom occupying your days.

There is not an ideal season to visit il CIVETTAIO. Whether you stop there for a weekend of two weeks, it will feel like you took a long vacation and you will go back home regenerated. Each season has its won magic, its won charm, the ability, that I never found in any other place, to make me feel good. A place where to restore balance and serenity, joy and carelessness.

And there is Gregorio dell’Adami de Tarczal, the owner,  a great friend. Follow him through the vineyards and the olive groves, he will tell you his story and the story of this magical place that never ceases to amaze. And he will take you to the cellar, to see what the encounter between the goods of nature and the of mastery of man creates.

The evening, at dusk, you can sit in the shadow of pine trees with a wine glass in your hands, a piece of cheese or a slice of Tuscan prosciutto. And then you will close your eyes, concentrate on the smells, breathe the silence, listen to the sounds of music. And you will feel how sweet it is to “sink gently into this sea”.

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Il Civettaio – B&B ed azienda agricola

Paganico ( Grosseto )
Tel. 348 702 9229
Email info@civettaio.it

If you decide to spend a few days at the CIVETTAIO, quote this article and “Veronica – The Food Driver”, when you book your stay. Gregorio will be happy to prepare for you a box with his products to try.