To me, Capri is one of those destinations, like New York or Paris to name a few, that you should visit at least once a year (given that you have the time and finances), because those are magical places where you quickly regain your energy and recharge, thus after staying there, you are ready to face the hectic and strenuous everyday life.

Four or five days, at the end of June or September. Not because Capri is not beautiful in July and August because I would rather avoid the crowds, the infinite lines, the mob for a table at a restaurant or for a beach lounger.

Allow me to interject: If you really want to have a marvelous experience, take the hydrofoil at dusk, in order to arrive to Capri with the evening lights slowly starting to glisten. Leave your bags to the porters, who will make sure they are taken to your hotel or wherever you will spend the nights, climb to the Piazzetta and enjoy an aperitivo. In that moment, you will feel as if you have been on vacation for a lifetime.

The range of accommodation in Capri is rather wide and the island is very costly. I have stayed in more than one hotel (excluded the extra luxurious ones, which are out of my league), yet there is one that I deeply fell in love with: Casa Marta (Marta’s house, quite literally).

Obtained from an ancient dwelling of the 20th century, Casa Marta is a bed and breakfast, composed of three suites: the White and the Blue, both for two people, 35 sqm circa; The Green, for four people of circa 40 sqm. Two of them, have a private terrace with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples. In each room the traditional, classic taste of the ancient tiles is combined with design furniture and advanced technological features.

The structure is a stone’s throw from the Piazzetta, the first magical place that you will meet climbing up, once you disembark. It is in a convenient location for the funicular (the ticket is 2 euros, with 1,80 euros for each bag, but there sometimes are awfully long queues), for the bus (same ticket price, but I am not a big fan) and for the taxi (circa 20 euros for two people and two bags). I usually opt for the taxi -at least when I first arrive-, the journey itself is worth the 20 euros because taxis in Capri are not average ones!

I personally stayed in the Blue suite, where, almost as a confirmation of the name, a deep shade of blue dominates in the furniture and details, which recalls the blue of the sea that you can see when you look out from the window. The same combination of white and blue applies to the tiles of the fireplace which faces the big and comfortable double bed and the bathroom (with the shower ad equipped a luxurious courtesy line designed by “Carthusia”).

In the center of the room there is a wonderful chandelier realized by the Danish designer Vernet Panton.

The overnight stay includes a very peculiar and cute breakfast. At your awakening in the morning, you will find a small pouch in precious linen hanging from the handle of your door, with two freshly baked croissants inside. In the room there is all the necessary for coffee or tea. And you can enjoy this pleasant start of the day sitting outside, in the small terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

Before arriving, you will be given the contact of the person who will welcome and assist you. Any personal wish you might have will be realized with great availability and kindness: from the renting of a gozzo (a small boat) to sail around the island, to the purchase of the tickets for the hydrofoil.

What about prices? Not economic but you should consider that you are in Capri and the prices fluctuate heavily according to seasons. In any case, the range of prices goes from 180,00 to 350,00 euros per night for two people and from 300,00 to 450,00 euros for the Green suite for four guests.

Are you ready for the magic of Capri?

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Casa Marta, Capri – Bed & Breakfast

Via Roma, 26, 80073 Marina Grande – Capri (NA)
Phone: +39 377 707 8423